While some people go for haute and screaming sunglasses, others prefer simple and minimalistic frames. What category do you belong to? Just observe the variety of sunglasses models going through the various pairs at an optometrist, you'd be surprised at how much they differ. The thing is that sunglasses you're wearing can speak much about your personality or mood. 

So here are 8 things that you should consider before you purchase the next pair.  

Always Ready for New Impressions 

Aviator sunglasses, especially the polarized ones, not only scream “party”. In fact, they are also a silent caution to everyone else that you are always ready to fly off on a new adventure, just like the pilots, for whom they were originally made. 

I’m Hot: Keep Your Distance 

These exotic V-Frames immediately draw attention to your persona marking you out as different from the rest and eccentric. Looking at you wearing these sunglasses, people will immediately understand that you’re definitely up to something. 

I Know What I Want 

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The Club Master is a favorite for fun creatives who are confident in their art and personalities, plus those who are always down for a good time.  

Don’t Mind My Fetishes 

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Marilyn Monroe and her Cat Eye frames are made to show how enigmatic, smart, and appealing you are, and most importantly, you’re not going to hide it.  

Can You Keep Up with the Adrenaline?  

Maybe you are super-villain or a top secret agent always on the run. These beautiful Shield sunnies are the perfect match for your secretive persona.  

Conservative, but with a Hint of Money 

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Nothing screams Silicon Valley (or Silicon Valley aspirant) more than these Rectangular frames. Plus, the person wearing them is sporty and probably has a nice car in tow.  

Usually Uptight, but Let’s Party! 

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The office archetype that’s usually rigid but is now looking forward to enjoying summer on the beach with an unparalleled level of focus would with a high probability land these Wayfarers. 

I’m Definitely Hiding Something   

These Oversized polarized sunglasses act like a big “keep off” sign, so think long before approaching a girl wearing such an accessory.